We provide the following services:

• Full Interior & Exterior Detailing
• Interior Shampooing
• Interior Leather Cleaning
• Professional Polishing:This service enhances both the color and shine of your vehicles paint.  It also helps remove any minor scratches

• Hand Waxing:
• Complete Interior Services
• Swirl Free Wax Applications

Clay bar treatment :  removes regular road contaminants from the paint’s surface.  These contaminants make your paint’s surface feel rough.  Your paint should feel smooth when it’s clean.  If not, this is for YOU!

Additional Charges:

Excessively Dirty Cars-$10 and up

Pet Hair Removal-$10 and up

Tree Sap Removal-$20 and up

Watermarks(waters pots) -$25 and up

Additional charges will be discussed prior to service